Getting Healthy: Baby Steps

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The hardest part of trying to get healthy for me is fast food. It's a lot easier to get fast food after work then go to the grocery store.  This week, I made the extra effort to go to the grocery store, which is usually only a once a month trip for us. Luckily for me, there's a trader joes right next to the bank that I go to, so I killed two birds with one stone.
When you think of healthy food, you usually think that it's expensive, which is understandable, because a lot of organic food is expensive. Thankfully, Trader Joe's is awesome, and I didn't end up spending too much for a little over a week's worth of food.
I've started bringing lunch to work, it's easy, and I can make sure I'm eating healthy instead of just eating whatever I can have delivered to me (I still love you, eat24.) This trip, I got lots of veggies, and salad fixings, so I can make salads to take to work!
In addition to eating better, I'm going to be exercising regularly, so I picked up something to help motivate me to get off my lazy butt, the Jawbone Up (In black, of course)! I'm not a big exercise person, so having this cute little band alert me that I'm not moving enough is a m a z i n g. On top of it being super cute, it's really simple to use. All you have to do is download the app, plug it in and it'll download all the information, then you slip it on your wrist and get on with the day! It's actually making me want to exercise more, just so I can top the previous day's numbers!

Are you trying to get healthier? Do you have any tips? Leave them below!

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  1. Great blog......enjoyed your latest posts!!!


  2. Isn't Trader Joe's the best?! This is reminding me that I need to get my buns up there for another shopping trip. Oh, and that sparkling pink lemonade is my fave!


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