Holiday Gift Guide : For The Boys

Boys are pretty easy to shop for, at least the boys in my life. Usually a video game or two will make them happy little campers, and you'll be revered as an awesome gift giver, but what do you get a guy that has all the video games he could ever want? 
  • Silly Lunchbox - I love cooking and making lunches, so what better way to showcase your awesome cooking than with a nerdy lunchbox?
  • Gameboy iPhone Case - This case will definitely give you nostalgia. Remember when video games were simple and not in color?!
  • Cheeky Book - Why not give him a book or two? This title will definitely catch his attention!
  • Instant Camera - A splurge, but totally worth it! This camera is a bit bulky, but it will instantly print out pictures, perfect for making memories! 
  • Gift Card - Kind of a cop out, but if you give someone a giftcard, you know that they're going to get exactly what they want.  
  • Chromecast - If I don't get this for Jake, I'm getting it for myself! You can watch anything from your PC on your computer! Great for blogging on the big screen! 


  1. Ohhh I have that phone case in pink and love it. Also, I looove the instant camera! Nice list... even though I'm a girl and want all these things haha


Thanks for reading! xo