Is your skin freaking out the way mine is right now? I swear, the seasons begin to change, and my skin starts to go insane. Thankfully, I'm beginning to build up an arsenal of skincare products to combat it.  The Vitamin C Serum by Radha Beauty is becoming one of those products that I absolutely NEED to use before bed time, and I notice almost instantly if I forget to wear it one night.
Since I have super sensitive skin, face serums are a real hit or miss for me. Luckily, this serum is super gentile, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, never oiled down! This little bottle is definitely going to come in handy for when I'm on tour, and I'm not drinking as much water as I should be, so my skin looks dull!  
This is my skin after using this product for a whole month, look how even and smooth it looks! Skin that decides to freak out because of the temperature change is no match for my arsenal of face products!

You know when you pack for a trip, and you meticulously plan, yet somehow you're missing the essentials? That's me every single time I pack, so like the genius that I am, I decided to pack my Music Festival and Tour accessories into one bag, so I won't forget! 

The bag that I'm using is the Artist Circle Convertable backpack in Apricot Flower Power from Sakroots, and it's absolutely amazing. It converts from a cross body into a backpack, so no matter what you'll be prepared for what coachella brings! 
Not only is this bag incredibly cute, but proceeds go to different charities (depending on the print you get!), so not only do you look good, you can feel good too! 

I'm also bringing this Smartphone Crossbody from sakroots with me to coachella and on tour! This bag is big enough to fit my iPhone, and all of my cards (and all access badges!), but it's also small enough that I can take it everywhere, without fear of it being to bulky or heavy! 

What are you doing to get Festival Ready? 
Taking passport photos is an absolutely terrifying experience, you can't wear too much makeup, but you also don't want to look sick or dead, so you need a little bit of help. 

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize // You're going to need all the help you can get with that horrible white background and fluorescent lighting,  when you get ready to take your passport photo, be sure to moisturize and exfoliate (not too hard, you don't want to be completely red!)  your skin before hand! My favorite face lotion to use is Nourish Organics face lotion, it's perfect for sensitive skin! 

BB Cream Is Your Best Friend // I don't normally wear anything on my face, because my skin is so dry, but when I need extra help, I slap on urban decay's Naked Skin BB cream

Glow It Up // The flash from the camera will definitely suck, so you should add some color to your cheeks! My favorite blush for a healthy, natural looking glow is Hervana by Benefit! 

Fix Your Brows // Ten years from now you don't want to look back at your passport and see that your brows were a mess. Gimme Brow by benefit is a true godsend for unruly eyebrows. 

Less Is More // Red lips and a smokey eye are definitely too much for a passport photo, you want people to actually recognize you when you're traveling, and too bold of a look can also make you look a little clownish in photos. Natural makeup is a total necessity when taking passport photos.

Do you have any tips for passport photos?
I dropped into my local Japanese convenience store to get a bento box, originally, but I stumbled upon the holy grail of makeup and skincare. Since I found this place, i've been hooked on Japanese Beauty! I bought four masks and this is the first one I've used.

The Strawberry Milk is supposed to moisturize, and brighten your skin! The packaging however is completely in Japanese…. A language I don't speak at all. Luckily, the convenience store added a sticker with their own captions.

 Pre face mask, my skin is tired, a little dull, and oh I have a giant zit on my cheek. #BeautyBloggerIRL

 The only way I could sit in my living room with this serial killer mask on is by drinking lemonade and watching it's always sunny.
You're supposed to keep it on for 10 - 15 minutes, and by the end of the 15 minutes, I forgot this slimy mess was on my face.
Post face mask! My skin felt tighter and definitely smelled like strawberry milk! The giant zit on my face was also a little less red, which is awesome.

Verdict: Strawberry Milk face mask has an AMAZING scent, and I can notice a difference in my face when I take it off. Awesome for a day that you need a little pampering, or a girl's night in!

 Do you use any foreign beauty products?

I love rainy days! This playlist reminds me of being stuck inside while the rain is pouring down around me. 

Calling all iPhone 6+ Users! I cannot find cute cases for the iPhone 6+ anywhere but online, I'm pretty sure the world is lobbying against us iPhone 6+ users and sticking us with the ugliest cases.  I've been using my phone sans case, and it's terrifying, but thank god for the internet, because I've fallen in love  with these six cases! 

iPhone 6+ users: where do you get your phone cases?! Help a girl out!

Keeping your blog active while traveling is not easy, especially if you're in a tour bus and you're in a new city every day. Thankfully, I've perfected the art of blogging while traveling, so you can keep your blog active while enjoying your vacation!  

Set up a post queue // Queuing up posts in advance takes a while, but it's one way to make sure your blog stays active! The best part about queuing your posts, is that you know your posts will go live, and you don't have to monitor the blog carefully. When I queue blog posts, I also queue social media posts using buffer, so my social media accounts are staying active as well.

Utilize guest bloggers // A guest blogger is an easy way to add fresh content to your blog! Contact your favorite bloggers, or your blogging friends and ask them if they would like to guest post! Another way you can have other bloggers contribute is to interview bloggers! I interviewed bloggers all over the world for my confessions of a blogger series

Your phone is your best friend // You keep your phone on you at all times, so you can definitely use this to your advantage! I use the blogger app when I have extra time, and I'm not close to my computer! I can write a complete blog post on the blogger app! (I wrote this whole post on the blogger app!)
If you don't want to blog on your phone, you can always use the camera to get pictures for your blog, instead of lugging around a giant camera!

Keep a notebook // Wifi isn't always an option while traveling,  so I bring notebooks with me, just in case I have a great idea and I want to remember it, or even if I eat at a cool restaurant and I want to write about it later! 

Utilize your down time // My experience while traveling is a little different than yours (probably) because I travel in a tour bus, but it's still something that you can do when you're traveling! When we get back on the tour bus to get ready to go to the next city, I take an hour or two to assess my blog schedule, write out posts, photoshop images, respond to comments, and basically anything I need to do to keep my blog running smoothly. 

What do you do to keep your blog active while traveling?
Let's face it, we've all binge watched movies and tv shows. Thanks to Netflix, it's pretty much inevitable. Most weekends, I lock myself in my house for a few hours, put Netflix on my apple TV, and zone out while I write. Here are my picks for the best fashion related documentaries on Netflix! 

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs 
This film gives you an in depth look at the department store, with interviews from some of the biggest names in fashion! This film seriously gave me chills multiple times. 
Chasing Beauty
This film is a lot more deep than some of the others on this list. The film goes in depth and talks about the beauty industry, and the dark world of modeling. 

Mademoiselle C
Carine Roitfeld is a name you may or may not recognize, but you will definitely recognize her work. This film follows her journey in making a new magazine. 

Advanced Style 
When I'm an old lady, I hope I'm half as amazing as these women! Be prepared to see the most fashionable ladies over 50! 

Bill Cunningham New York
Meet the man that basically invented street style photography, even though you would never know it if you saw him in the street.  Bill loves fashion of all types, and you can see him photograph everyone from celebrities and models, to fashionable kids walking down the streets. 
“Confessions of A Blogger” is a series featuring the beauty habits of some of your favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers! This week we're featuring Manita of, Manita is a Student, Fashion Assistant, Fashion & Beauty Blogger from London!

Name: Manita
Occupation: Student, Fashion Assistant, Fashion & Beauty Blogger
Country you live in: London, UK

What is your daily beauty / skincare routine? 
My daily skincare routine is pretty simple in all honesty! I always cleanse, tone and moisturise with my Yours Truly Organics products as they work really nicely to combat my oily skin and problem areas. I try and exfoliate my skin with The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub once a week as this really unclogs my pores and leaves my skin feeling completely brand new. I love to try out new products though so I will experiment with masks and serums on and off, just to see how they work for my skin. 

What are your favorite beauty products?  Hard question! My all-time favourites would have to be Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, my BeautyBlender of course, Soap & Glory Archery for Eyebrows, Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner and YSL Rogue Lipstick. 

What's on your beauty wishlist? 
I really want to start contouring properly so probably the contour sticks from Smashbox as I've seen them being raved about on Youtube. Oh, also everything Tom Ford! The range is so expensive but from the one lipstick I do have, I know it is well worth it for the quality. 

What is a beauty trend you hate? 
In the UK, a lot of girls tend to fill in their eyebrows to the absolute extreme. I just don't understand why anybody would want to look like a clown. Hate it! 

Do you have any beauty secrets or tips to share? 
They are very well-known tips but definitely drink lots and lots of water. I'm guilty of not doing this but whenever I hydrate myself, I see a huge difference in the complexion of my skin. I would also recommend taking make off up properly every day because I have always suffered from breakouts from being to lazy to properly remove everything. It's not worth waking up with spots, trust me! 

Your blog link and a blurb about you 
I'm 20 years old and I study English with Film Studies but outside of university, I love to throw myself into the world of fashion and beauty. I absolutely love blogging because I find it's the best way for me to creatively express myself as I can be quite shy in person! I love to write about catwalk and personal style, product reviews, press events and my general opinions on the industry. I would describe myself as hardworking and determined because I'm always striving to be the best I can be!