Delicious Eggs Benedict 
For mothers day, Kyle and I took the train down to San Diego to have brunch with my mom! My mom is really into gastropub type restaurants, so Masters was right up her alley. Since we were there on mothers day, all moms got a rose delivered to their table! 

One cool thing about this restaurant is that it used to be an old automotive garage, and they revamped it but still kept some of the fixtures and decorations around the restaurant. 

I ordered eggs Benedict with avocado instead of ham, on top of a home made biscuit. Lets just say it lasted about 3 seconds on my plate! I also devoured a piece of cheesecake with a berry compote. Everybody was too stuffed to eat it, so it was all mine! 

If you’re in Oceanside, CA, be sure to stop by Masters for an awesome brunch

The cheesecake that nobody wanted :( 

38mm (stainless steel) classic leather buckle 
We've been seeing a lot of wearable technology recently, but nothing has been as overhyped as the Apple Watch.
I'm on the fence about this device, on one hand, it's a well designed piece of technology, and on the other hand, Sometimes I wish I would have invested in an actual watch, not just a watch that will be obsolete in six months to a year.

I do love the fact that I am able to tweet, read excerpts of articles, check instagram, and even read messages from my watch (it makes meetings less boring, haha!) but if I want to respond to a text via my watch, I have to speak to it, so I still end up pulling out my phone.

All in all, i don't think I would buy another apple watch, until they make it more independent of the iPhone (you have to have an iPhone to have the watch!), because I end up checking my phone more than the watch!

Do You Have The Apple Watch? Do You Want To Get One?

The easiest way to prevent your mascara from smudging! 

From CollegeFashion; Outfits inspired by Avengers Age Of Ultron

So much work goes into retouching photos!

I need a vacation, this post on 10 beaches you've never heard of by flying the nest is giving me major wanderlust.

If you haven't seen my post already… it's time for you to become an under warrior!  Get your free samples HERE

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Drinking a 'homemade' energy drink sounds a little crazy, but they're not as crazy as you think!

The 'TMZ' of instagram is back online, after instagram falsely took the account down!

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Major DUH, dressing well can make you feel powerful.

Lifehacker shows us how to make ANY stirfry in 6 steps.

ZoeLondon gives us some tips on how to find inspiration for blogging.

And finally; 15 motivational images to boost you up! 

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a brand I thought I would never hear from, the pinnacle of easy breezy, and beautiful…  CoverGirl. They looked at my blog (fangirl squeal!), and chose me to be one of the first people to try their new products! A little time went by, and I completely forgot about the interaction, and then I got a cute little package delivered to my door. 

The Supersizer Mascara, A mascara with a unique brush designed to give you volume like you've never seen before!
You guys already know how much I LOVE black eyeliner. This eyeliner has a unique shaped tip that allows you to make ultra thin lines, or more defined lines! 
 The product card with styling tips!

If you want to see these products in action, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I'll be doing a tutorial using both of these products!

Girl talk time… Lets face it, periods absolutely SUCK. You know what sucks worse than periods? Period panties.

Everyone has "those panties", you know the ones… they're big, a little stained, and only used during that time of the month because you don't want to ruin your nice ones.
Thankfully, U By Kotex has a solution, called the 3D Capture Core. The 3D Capture core locks in moisture, so you don't have to worry about leaks ruining your undies!

With the 3D Capture Core, you're free to wear your sexiest, laciest and whitest panties without fear of leaking or spotting! 

U By Kotex is taking the stress out of your period, and giving away free samples of their pads with 3D Capture Core technology! Click here to get your 100% Free Sample and become an under warrior!

This post is brought to you by U By Kotex.
I've been talking about going back to youtube. A lot. I've been talking about it so much, Kyle went out and got me a new camera (and tripod!) Specifically for vlogging, so I will have absolutely no excuse to not vlog every chance I get! I love youtube, but it's seriously a lot of work getting into the swing of things, and getting used to talking to a phone, or a camera!
What videos do you want to see here and on my YouTube Channel? 

I'm pretty sure I am the worst when it comes to holidays like mothers day. I procrastinate, and then panic when it comes time to send gifts. Thankfully, the internet has me covered (Most of the time!) I made this gift guide to help my fellow procrastinators pretend like you didn't procrastinate on getting an amazing gift ;)

Steal // Gifts Under 25 $

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume //  This scent is amazing. It was completely sold out within an hour at Generation Beauty last year! Your mom will be sure to love it! 

Library Of Flowers Scented Candle // I love the way honeycomb smells, this is a subtle candle but it also smells great!

Nordstrom Gift Card // Sometimes the best gift you can give your mom is a gift card, so she can pick out what she wants herself! 

Treat Yourself Reusable Tote // I love the idea of getting a reusable tote and filling it with small goodies! I once made a bag for my mother and filled it with random things from the 99c store!

Spend // Gifts Under $100 
Philosophy Boxed Set // I once stayed in a hotel with all philosophy toiletries, and I stole every single item, true story. This boxed set comes with a body wash, perfume and a lotion. If you purchase it from here you also get a free gift! Score!

Vegan Leather Tote // My mom is a vegan, and is just now phasing leather out of her wardrobe. This tote is super cute, and cruelty free. What else could you ask for? 

Michael Kors Makeup Bag // I think my mother is addicted to makeup bags. If I give her one she'l use it for just about anything! This one is super cute, and it's "designer" so you're sure to become your mother's favorite child. 

Kate Spade iPhone Case // Is it just me or do moms always have the ugliest phone cases? I love giving my mom cute tech accessories so she can be the most hi tech mom on the block! 

Splurge  // Gifts Over $100

Tory Burch Fit Bit Bracelet //  If your mother is super into fitness, this is a great gift! It's a fitbit bracelet that monitors your heart rate and activity but you can wear it all day every day, because it doesn't look like an exercise bracelet! 

Valentina Perfume Set // One way to make a woman feel like a queen is to buy her fancy perfume! 

Frends with Benefits Headphones //  Your mom will love these cute rose gold headphones… Just don't tell your her the name of this brand. 

Vlogging while on tour is seriously next to impossible. If you're awake, you're either eating or working… things that aren't very interesting to film.  Thankfully, I got enough footage to pull together a small vlog, that shows a lot of what goes on when I'm on tour! Enjoy! 

I try to switch up my skincare routine really regularly. I have schedules for face masks, different serums and even different moisturizers! Since spring has sprung, my skin has decided to begin acting up again, which means I need to alter my daily skincare routine to pacify my skin!  These products are now a part of my daily routine, and my skin is finally starting to agree with me! 

Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum - I use this serum every other night, it makes my skin feel plump and soft, and is sensitive enough to not tear up my sensitive skin. 
Double Love Himalayian Salt & Lavender Scrub - I use this scrub every other Sunday as a treat! It gets rid of the dead skin on my face leaving my skin soft and kissable ;) 
 Clinique Moisture Surge - I use this product the most, Once in the morning, and once at night! It keeps my dry, scaly skin  at bay and is sensitive enough to use every single day. 
Nivea Creme - Anyone that has dry skin knows how much of a godsend Nivea Creme is, I don't even have to explain it to you haha! 
Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash - This is my daily cleanser, it's super hydrating and is very easy on my sensitive skin! 

What's in your daily skincare routine? 

Broke Girls Guide To is a new series from one broke girl to another! This series aims to save you money without having to sacrifice any luxury in your life.

1. Find Deals // I love groupon for awesome food deals, where else can you get a 100$ restauraunt gift card for only 25$? is another amazing site to find killer deals that you probably didn't know existed! 

2. Lunch Specials Are Your New BFF // Seriously, lunch specials are awesome. A lot of restaurants have a similar lunch and dinner menu, but the price for lunch can be half of the price of dinner! 

3. Skip the Drinking // Drinks are WAY overpriced at restaurants, you can end up paying $10 - $15 for a cocktail and $10 for a glass of wine. Instead, save your money and buy a cheap bottle of wine and drink it at home (preferably while watching trashy tv or game of thrones). If you absolutely must have a drink with your meal, bring your own! A lot of restaurants will allow you to bring your own wine for a small uncorking fee. Call ahead to the restaurant to make sure this is okay, obviously! 

4. Get Familiar With Prix Fixe  // I love prix fixe menus (a prix fixe menu means fixed price!) You can get an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a lower price than you would pay by getting all of those items separately!

5. Go During Happy Hour // Happy Hour is a great time to get food! Kyle and I love trying out different happy hour menus around Hollywood. We've found some of our favorite places to eat this way! 

Hopefully this guide helps save you some money while still getting to dine out at fancy places! Do you have any tips you have for saving money while still eating out? Put them below! 

The only time I wear makeup that takes me longer than twenty minutes to do is if I'm walking a red carpet, going to an event, or meeting my Significant Other's parents.  This is the makeup I do almost every single day, it's extremely simple, but it adds a little bit of color and liveliness to my face!

Products Used: