Confessions of a Blogger : YummoMummo.com

“Confessions of A Blogger” is a series featuring the beauty habits of some of your favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers! This week we're featuring Melissa of YummoMummo.com, a mother and blogger from Australia!
My blog is at www.Yummomummo.Blogspot.Com. I am a mum of three little ones who loves to inspire women to have fun with style and beauty. There are no rules anymore and it's time to have some fun.

Name yummomummo (a.K.A melissa menzies)
Occupation stay at home mummy with an obsessive styling hobby
Country you live in america (but im originally Australian, trailing spouse for hubby's work)

Pencil by FiftyThree

Is it weird to be completely and totally obsessed with a pencil? Who cares because I totally am. Pencil by fiftythree is more than just a stylus, it's a fully functional digital pencil! When combined with the Paper app, this small pencil becomes an essential tool! With features such as Palm Rejection (You can drag your hand across the screen and you won't add any marks to your page!) and an intuitive eraser, this definitely sets Pencil apart from other iPad styluses.

The pencil currently comes in three colors: Walnut (which is magnetic!), Aluminum Black (The one I have!) and Aluminum Gold!

If you haven't noticed, I've began using this pencil as a blog tool, so my posts have even more personality with my own handwriting.

4 Favorite iPad Apps

Ever since I got my Pencil by 53, I've been using my iPad like CRAZY. I honestly haven't used it this much since I first got it! Since I've been using it all the time I've had to download all new apps, and these are the ones that I use daily.
Polyvore // I use this to make collages for my blog! I love how easy it is to make and edit collages while I commute, or whenever I have a great idea! Using a stylus with the app makes it even easier!
Style.com // Since I'm not at fashion week (LA, Make an actual fashion week, please!) I can keep up with all of my favorite designers (can we talk about Jeremy Scott's RTW?!), and even see what's happening at all of the fashion week parties!
DailyBurn  // No matter how hard I try, I will never be a "gym person" DailyBurn makes it easy to get a workout in the comfort of my own home! Bye bye smelly gyms!
Paper // My hands down favorite app right now. Coupled with the pencil by 53, it makes for the ultimate drawing, sketching, and writing tool! I use this to jot down quick notes, sketch out things when I'm at the coffee shop, and even write little love notes to Kyle ;)

What are your favorite iPad apps?