5 Tips For Living On Your Own

It's that time of year, school is starting, and all the apartments in the city are filling up.

1. Learn To Cook - This is so important, I live within walking distance of way too many restaurants and cafes, and my wallet is definitely suffering because of it. There are tons of awesome recipes online, and not only will you save money, you'll probably eat healthier too!

2. Stick To A Budget - This is the hardest for me, but it's also the most important. I use mint.com to keep track of my finances, and to see where I'm spending most of my money. They send you weekly summaries, so nothing really sneaks up on you!

Influenster: Vitality Voxbox

(How much do you love .gifs?! I can't get enough of them!)

One of my favorite things is coming home after a long day of work and seeing a super colorful Influenster box on my doorstep!  The vitality voxbox is designed to help you live the good life, and that is something we all need!

21 In Vegas!

I have this problem, where I'll go on vacation (even if it's only a weekend) and I'll only take one picture, and nine times out of ten, it's a picture of the sky.

This weekend, I went to Vegas! Since I just turned 21, this Vegas trip was a lot more fun and eventful than my past trips to Vegas ;) We had a total blast, dancing, having a few drinks (even one that was inside of an eiffel tower), laying by the pool, listening to awesome music, and even eating all we could at a buffet!

Now that I'm home and out of vacation mode, I'm definitely going to giving myself a little time to detox... Hellooooo juice cleanse ;)

Have you ever been to vegas? 

Blogging Break

I've been taking a break away from blogging, and although it was very nice, I'm ready to come back to my precious blog. 
While I was away a lot of awesome things happened! I moved into a new apartment, went to San Diego Comic Con, saw another burlesque show, redid my bedroom completely, read quite a few books, and registered for fall classes. Now that I feel like I'm refreshed and in the perfect headspace for blogging, I'm SO ready to write here again, and I have so much more to share! 

My first step in coming back to blogging is going to be getting a blog facelift, so don't be confused if you come back here and see an *all new* thelittlebrunette.com