Cultivating Creativity

 Hello there blogland, I haven't been here in a while and I miss you. Truly.  One of the reasons I've been gone for so long, is I don't feel creative anymore and when it comes to writing and creating daily content, that is not a good feeling.

One way I'm helping to boost my creativity (besides my favorite pastime of people watching!) is this journal. The pages tell you to dribble coffee, step on them, draw outside of the lines, drag behind you with a string, take them in the shower with you and so much more. I've been officially using this journal for two days, and I'm already thinking of new and crazy ways to destroy it, which feels awesome, because I know I'm slowly but surely refueling my creativity!

You can see a video of a completed wreck this journal here! You better believe I'll be making a montage video when I'm done with mine!

How do you harness your own creativity?

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